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Wheels of Life


Wheels of Life is an International Outreach Project that was founded to serve underprivileged wheelchair-bound individuals in global community. The project was initiated with the efforts of International Wellness Foundation in collaboration with Woman’s Club of Stuart and SPMUDA International, as well as private contributors.

How Does a Wheelchair Affect the Life of a Paralyzed Person?

  1. Reduces risk of bedsores, pressure ulcers & infections
  2. Gives possibility for a parent to care for children
  3. Provides ability to eat at the table with family
  4. Enables mobility outside of bedroom
  5. Increases accessibility to reach the objects
  6. Gives opportunities to study & go to school
  7. Promotes interacting with friends
  8. Allows travel outside of home
  9. Gives ability to be an active part of the community
  10. Enhances independence

Goals of the Project

Step I: Provide free wheelchairs to the underprivileged handicapped women in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland and Romania. These countries do not have well-developed wheelchair industries and, even if they do have some manufacturing, it is low in quality, small in quantities and so expensive that the handicapped women are left to decay in their beds. Improvement of mobility will enhance the ability of the recipient to study, work and participate in daily life of their community.

Step II: Grant free wheelchairs to wheelchair-bound people in countries where wheelchairs are not easily available to the needy. Increase of mobility will enhance the ability of handicapped individuals to study, work and participate in daily life.

Step III: Improve wheelchair accessibility in every country in the world, based on the example and experience of the U.S.A. The governments of all countries must admit the equality of rights of the people in wheelchairs and enable their accesses to public areas, city streets, stores, supermarkets, government buildings, restrooms, theaters, cinemas and restaurants. The elevators, automatic doors, wheelchair ramps, curb cuts must be provided for people with mobility impairments in order for them to transit easily and safely, as it is done in the United States.

Step IV: With the assistance of UN and European Union make positive impact to the existing legislature, giving handicapped individuals equal rights and opportunities in physical environment, safety and independent living, as well as, employment, education, housing and freedom from abuse, neglect and violation of human rights.

The Personal Story Behind the Global Project Of "Wheels of Life"

The plane from Moscow landed in JFK airport, New York. The passengers moved slowly to the exit. Most of them stopped near a nine-year-old paralyzed girl, wishing her good luck with medical treatment in the United States. The mother of the girl did not wait for an aisle chair. She picked the child up and exited the plane. The flight attendant stopped her at the end of the ramp with the words,

“Mrs. Tarasiouk-Kurbatov, wait, please. We called for a wheel-chair. You definitely need assistance of Handicapped service to get your luggage and go through customs. They will be here shortly.”

The flight attendant noticed that the mother of a paralyzed girl was surprised about the existence of such a service. The flight attendant asked, “Do you have your own wheel-chair with your luggage?”

“No, we don’t. In the Soviet Union, it was impossible to get a wheel-chair for a child. For six years, I got used to carrying Tati in my arms.”

The flight attendant was sincerely sorry for a woman who took care of a paralyzed child for six years and did not have a wheel-chair.

At that moment the gentlemen from Handicapped service appeared. The mother cautiously put Tati (Countess Tatania Kurbatov) in a wheelchair. In a minute, the child concluded, “Mommy, it’s so soft and comfortable. I like it.”

The girl looked up at the flight attendant and said with a happy smile, “Thank you. It’s so good.”

The flight attendant embraced her and whispered, “Good luck, Tati. I wish you all the best with your surgeries. It was a pleasure to meet both of you.”

The gentleman from the service asked, “Ready for a ride in a soft chair, princess?”

Tati laughed, as only a child can. The mother saw how miraculously wheel-chair diminished persistent pains of her daughter, made her happy with fast movement and freed mother’s arms. This unforgettable experience was the motivation for the “Wheels of Life” project that brings the Miracle of Mobility to other paralyzed people.

March 30th, 2014

International Wellness Foundation and Woman's Club of Stuart purchased for 10 Polish Women and Children the wheelchairs through the local Florida medical supplier at $150.00 each with custom dimensions 16x18 or 16x16 or 16x20 depending on candidate’s needs. Same day, they were shipped to Northern Poland through Polonez Shipping Co.

Photo-shoot generously donated by Alexander of Alex Axelrod Photography.

sept 2013

September, 2013

With the assistance of International Wellness Foundation liaison Ms Koch and Countesses Kurbatov, the wheelchairs that were purchased in collaboration with Woman's Club of Stuart for the underprivileged handicapped women and children of Ukraine. The wheelchairs were labeled and mailed to Ukraine through Meest America, Inc. shipping company that not only generously offered humanitarian aid pricing to Ukraine but also paid for FedEx delivery from Foundation headquarters in Florida to their warehouse in New Jersey.

We would like to thank everyone for making this progress of the "Wheels of Life" project possible!

The wheelchairs are shipped directly to the residence of the handicapped individuals, who have gone through thorough screening, including personal interviews and letters of medical necessity.

Veterans & Disabled Formula to Success


"Veterans & Disabled Formula to Success" is a charitable project that is designed to bring motivation and practical coaching to veterans and disabled individuals to form an identity that is modified to their degree of disability and optimize utilization of their strength and skills in order to find or re-establish their purpose in life.

Having undergone 11 surgeries and survived multiple life-threatening automobile accidents, with degrees and extensive studies in Metaphysics, Psychology, Theology, and Business she embodies an American Dream, the founder of this foundation can personally relate and guide the handicapper to success in multiple spheres of their life.

Presently working on production of an educational and motivational television show, entitled “JOURNEY to DREAMS & MIRACLES”, that will bring the stories of veterans and disabled individuals who succeeded in life. These video programs will be shown to veterans at the VA hospitals and disabled in rehabs across the country, as the project's goal is to stop veterans and disabled suicide and lead them to success.

Both parts of the program are in the startup phase with need of patronage and funding.

Inspirational & Educational Publications

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The inspirational novels by Author Angelic Tarasio are published in a joint effort with International Wellness Foundation. These novels enlighten modern generation how to avoid repetition of wrong human choices based on examples of the darkest period in the 20th century.

As of 2019, Fundraising book-signings and sales are organized. The proceeds of them most generously Author Angelic Tarasio donates to International Wellness Foundation, Inc. charitable projects “Veterans & Disabled Formula to Success” and “Wheels of Life”.

Being highly educated and personally experienced in overcoming hardships, Author Angelic Tarasio is available, as a motivational speaker on the topic of “Choosing Life and Happiness in the most challenging situations”.

For scheduling, contact

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In 2021, Author Angelic Tarasio completed the publication of her historically informative, philosophically substantial, inspirational trilogy “God’s Miracles in Lives of Regular People.”

This trilogy is based on true life and love story about a spiritual, perseverant, compassionate and dedicated woman and mother, who shows us how to overcome hardships and become victories.

Amazon is currently selling kindle and paperback versions of transformational trilogy "God's Miracles in Lives of Regular People" by Angelic Tarasio

Following are Amazon links to Book 1, 2 & 3:

Book I: “Mother Maria” by Angelic Tarasio

Book II: “Home Coming” by Angelic Tarasio

Book III: “Bridge to the Sky” by Angelic Tarasio

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Advanced Health Services


For multiple years, the International Wellness foundation established a cooperation with Advanced Health Services, LLC to provide complementary highly informative daily updated posts and articles:

This proactive collaboration is instrumental in promoting:

  1. Organic Nutrition and Non-GMO Farming in the Global Community,
  2. Preventive Medicine, Natural Health & Wellness & Education,
  3. Restoration of Health through Body/Mind Detoxification and Nourishment,
  4. Individual & Group Counseling/Coaching
  5. Restoration of Health through Body/Mind Detoxification and Nourishment,
  6. Classes of Healthy Cooking
  7. “Teaching to Master the Fullness of Life” - autogenic training,

International Health and Wellness Education Project


Since 2006, the Foundation has sponsored and will continue to support the Healing and Wellness Education of people with physical illnesses and psycho-emotional distresses who could cannot afford these services themselves.

Healing programs are designed to evaluate an individual's condition, identify what are bio-chemical, psycho-emotional, etc. factors that are preventing the body from sustaining or obtaining healthy condition. After the evaluation is completed, an individually designed wellness program consisting of nutritional modifications, stress management and holistic approach is provided to the individual.

Wellness education focuses people's attention on their health, behavior and the choices they make in life, ultimately reducing the long term financial and emotional burden of health care. By addressing the underlying causes, our Wellness Education Programs teach people how to prevent disease and discomfort by making healthy life-style choices, including proper nutrition, stress management, meditations and exercise routines.